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Is That Car a Lemon? Carfax Can Tell You!
Now you can get real peace of mind when you buy a used vehicle. A Carfax Lemon Check, will tell you if the car you are about to buy-or the one you already own-has a “lemon” title. A “lemon” title is issued when the manufacturer repurchases a vehicle with major problems. Surprisingly, many of these vehicles end up right back on the used car lot, waiting for an unsuspecting buyer. To log on to Carfax go to

Loan Services

Loan rates are based on individual credit ratings. Please see the credit union for more specific rates. The credit union offers very competitive rates on loans at favorable terms. We offer the following types of loans:

  • New and Used Automobiles
  • New and Used Boats
  • New and Used Motorcycles
  • New and Used Travel Trailers
  • Personal Property
  • Signature
  • Line of Credit
  • 2nd Mortgages

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